Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas

 Everywhere you go, there's a tree in the grande hotel, one in the park as well...okay I'll stop. But you have to admit it is a catchy tune, no? no...okay fine, I'm just a little nutty this time of year. Christmas has always been a big part of my family life growing up. The season of celebrating was exactly that. We celebrated and it would last the whole season.  We would put up our tree mid November (while watching the Toronto Santa Claus Parade) and the tree doesn't come down until January 8. When I moved in with C, that didnt really change...
Even my parent's dog, Patch, gets into the Christmas Spirit

Guess Whoo had her baby!!

Remember that baby shower I threw back in August? Well, mommy-to-be finally had her little Jimmy Bean back in August.

 Isn't he a cutie! I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot Lil' Bean's baby photography. This is how it turned out. Check the photos out after the jump, you know you want to. 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Catching up....

Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry I have been MIA for a while, I swear it's because I have been busy and not because I have been avoiding the least partially....So much has happened in the last few months that I don't even know where to start. For one, I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*insert squeals of joy and child-like bouncing*)
That's right...we were so excited that we didn't realize he put the ring on the wrong hand until after the photos haha.
 C was the master of secrecy for months and I of course was too busy with work that I didn't really pick up on the secrets. I'm usually really good at ruining surprises...and C's jokes but that's another story. To begin, C had been promising me a private picnic day all year round but life kept getting busy so it didn't happen all spring or summer long. Fast forward to September 2012, my job is stressful and the hours are shifty and long so I was really in need of some relaxation time away from reality (which also explains the spur of the momentish *yup i makeup my own words no big deal* trip to Disney World...again another story...) So we made plans *sorta* C kept saying that one of the Saturdays in September we would go out have a picnic and I could take photos of us. So the Saturdays in September came and went and no picnic. Then C gave me the ultimate PINKY SWEAR (that means legit) that we would have our picnic the first weekend of October before Thanksgiving (Canuck over here :) So we headed to the grocery store and picked up juice boxes, bread, more meat then a t-Rex would eat and napkins. Thursday moved its way to us and C told me that friday's picnic may have to wait because he might be getting a call to go into work anytime during the day on friday (which turned out that the ring had been delayed in the mail which was unexpected to him so he couldnt propose during the picnic which had been his plan all along) (* i know I ramble, eh*) So that weekend came and went with no picnic. He was "called into work" on the friday (which was a call saying the ring was ready for pick up) . October 12, 2012 we set out on this picnic. *Finally!!!!!!!* So the day goes as followed (btw everyone else knew what was to happen during this picnic BUT me!!! Sneaky bas****, but I love him!)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Inspirational Wednesdays - As according to Pinterest

 Hey everyone! It's Wednesday and I'm feeling like poop...did I just say that? I've got the fall time cold that everyone seems to be getting up here in the not-so-hot-not-so-cold True North. I've made myself a HOT (burned my precious tongue) cup of tea and pulled up my comfy computer chair...the kitchen table chair...and turned up the heat...fine, I cuddled with my scratchy dog....
Can you believe I found the owl mug at a Local Goodwill!! Score!
And off to the magical DIY/inspirational land of Pinterest.

I've been in a 'snap-a-photo' kind of mood lately....a lot actually. Must be all the wonderful colours.

I *heart* this! I see our 2012 Christmas card inspiration!!

How about getting cozy near this fireplace! Brace yourself....winter is coming.... *insert smirk*
                                                                      Source: via Beckki on Pinterest

These cookies look delish! Definitely on the Pinterest To Try list.


OMG!!! Isn't he the cutest little thing you have ever seen!! So 'HIP'

So what's Pinspiring you?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Bliss

The weather is starting the get chillier and it's raining orange, red and yellow leaves outside...that's right it's that beautiful time of year again! My favourite season...AUTUMN!!! Honestly who doesn't love how beautiful it is outside! So to honour this beautiful, wonderful, grateful-filled season, I made some homemade Applesauce with cranberry scones!!!

The recipes I found over at one of my favourite blogs --- Skinnytaste. I'm serious, Gina's Skinny Recipes are absolutely amazing and perfect for those who are like me and wanting to lose a little...ok....a lot of weight before the season of moresweetsthenthewaistwillallowalongwithemptyresolutionswedon'tintendtokeep season...aka the Holiday season, in case any of you didn't understand my crazy mind thought. :)

Who needs scented candles when you have apple, cinnamon and cranberries cooking up in your kitchen.

 You can find the scone recipe I used if you follow this link ---> over here
And the Glorious in your mouth Applesauce you can find over here

You'll thank me for directing you over to her after you taste your goodies!! I'll wait right here as you bake...

I mean look at how pretty the scones look!

But if you're not careful....or distracted...they'll be all gone...I blame the kitchen gnomes...

Enjoy the beauty of the season!

Look Whoo's Having a Baby

So the long weekend has passed and it was a busy one for our household.One of my closest friends is just about ready to pop, so during the long weekend I threw her an owl themed baby shower! Cute, right? Unfortunately, I forgot I was so busy entertaining that I didn't pull out my trusty camera earlier I took a picture of the almost empty well enjoyed buffet and the dessert table.

Can you believe I didn't realize the backdrop wasn't centered and pinned creatively until I uploaded my pictures. Truly the testament of a busy woman.

 So when the women walked in, they grabbed a felt flower (I'll try to get a picture of it posted soon) and wrote their names on the attached piece of paper. Then they filled out 'Fill-in the Blank' baby advice cards. After a good afternoon of food, coffee, juice and desserts everyone left with their own mini apple, pumpkin or pecan pies. (Made by yours truly). I could not be happier with how everything turned out and I'm glad the mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be enjoyed themselves.
I can't wait to meet the Little bean!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Photography Lovin'

Rather than give you some sort of small talk blah blah about how my month has been going, how about I give you the picture run down? yes? yes :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Inspirational Wednesdays...As according to Pinterest

Hi all!

It's Wednesday morning and I'm already on Pinterest  distracted by inspiration. Here's what I'm distracted by inspired  by right now.

Can you imagine walking into someone's bathroom during a Christmas party and finding this!

                                                                   Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

I think C and I are going to do this to our guestroom. I Love the idea of guests coming out and discovering a relaxing place to sleep in for the night.

This is what I want to do to the closet in our front hall!! right now it's just an ulgy closet that we don't really use. But this, this I would use and look to see everyday!

I absolutely love this small bathroom. C and I have a pretty small bathroom and we are trying to find something pretty and functional to do with it. I Love the idea of two curtains, the subway tile and anyone else love that light fixture?? I know I sure do!

And for C and I wedding, I want to do something like this rather than a boring guestbook
Source: via Beckki on Pinterest

what pins inspire you?

Baking, baking and baking....oh my...

Hi all! So that's what my last week has consisted of baking, baking, and baking... OH MY! So every once in a while I get that bakin' craving. I start my search across the blog world looking for inspiration and as I'm sure all of your know, inspiration is something the blog world NEVER lacks. Holy moly horses! So many pies, cakes, cookies and yum yums I just want to make....and eat....wish calories were imaginary...

I have tried cinnamon rolls (recipe from The Pioneer Woman). Let me tell you, these babies were to die for!! I followed her instructions to the T and these suckers went quickly. My family wanted them, friends and the boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off them either.

Then I tried sugar cookies. (recipe from Bake at 350 and inspiration came from all over the blog world, wish i wrote it down)

Then there is my Puppy Lady who celebrated her 1st birthday!!!!!!! It was so exciting. C and I made her a cake...okay not a 'cake' but a meat loaf (turkey and lean beef with some ketchup, an egg, pepper, salt. With mashed potato (icing) and peanut butter lettering )

She nearly lost her mind when she saw it! She's so adorable!

Then of caking and yummy and colourful.

And of course the christmas gingerbread house and cookies...I didn't decorate the cookies...C did. Isn't he the artist... :)

Gotta love baking.