Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!!

Happy Valentine's to all the lovers out there....and to all the singles Happy Singles Awareness Day.  So to celebrate this hallmark holiday, I decided to treat Chris to 14 days of love ending with a 14 hours of love celebration today. So everyday for the last two weeks I surprised Chris with something whether it was a heart shaped pizza, a window declaration of love or chocolates, it was small but cute and meaningful. Today the celebration started (or was suppose to start) at 7:30am....but we decided to sleep in instead...sleep is important.

We started the morning with an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast with coffee. Then Chris opened some of his hourly gifts (we were a little behind on the hours)

So at 7:30 am - Chris received socks with a tag stating "We're the perfect match"

 At 8:30 am - Chris received two mugs that I spent a few hours working on yesterday. They are Star Wars themed mugs :)

At 9:30 am - Chris received a bag of mixed nuts with a tag stating "I'm nuts about you"

and at 10:30 am - he got a bag of marbles with a tag that said "I'd lose my marbles without you"

 Plenty more to come so stay tuned!