Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Inspirational Wednesdays...As according to Pinterest

Hi all!

It's Wednesday morning and I'm already on Pinterest  distracted by inspiration. Here's what I'm distracted by inspired  by right now.

Can you imagine walking into someone's bathroom during a Christmas party and finding this!

                                                                   Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

I think C and I are going to do this to our guestroom. I Love the idea of guests coming out and discovering a relaxing place to sleep in for the night.

This is what I want to do to the closet in our front hall!! right now it's just an ulgy closet that we don't really use. But this, this I would use and look to see everyday!

I absolutely love this small bathroom. C and I have a pretty small bathroom and we are trying to find something pretty and functional to do with it. I Love the idea of two curtains, the subway tile and anyone else love that light fixture?? I know I sure do!

And for C and I wedding, I want to do something like this rather than a boring guestbook
Source: via Beckki on Pinterest

what pins inspire you?

Baking, baking and baking....oh my...

Hi all! So that's what my last week has consisted of baking, baking, and baking... OH MY! So every once in a while I get that bakin' craving. I start my search across the blog world looking for inspiration and as I'm sure all of your know, inspiration is something the blog world NEVER lacks. Holy moly horses! So many pies, cakes, cookies and yum yums I just want to make....and eat....wish calories were imaginary...

I have tried cinnamon rolls (recipe from The Pioneer Woman). Let me tell you, these babies were to die for!! I followed her instructions to the T and these suckers went quickly. My family wanted them, friends and the boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off them either.

Then I tried sugar cookies. (recipe from Bake at 350 and inspiration came from all over the blog world, wish i wrote it down)

Then there is my Puppy Lady who celebrated her 1st birthday!!!!!!! It was so exciting. C and I made her a cake...okay not a 'cake' but a meat loaf (turkey and lean beef with some ketchup, an egg, pepper, salt. With mashed potato (icing) and peanut butter lettering )

She nearly lost her mind when she saw it! She's so adorable!

Then of caking and yummy and colourful.

And of course the christmas gingerbread house and cookies...I didn't decorate the cookies...C did. Isn't he the artist... :)

Gotta love baking.