Our Nerdy Love Tale

Meet Chris.

My Stargate Knight in shiny armour. The handyman around the house, Love of my Life, peanut butter  to my jelly, cheese to my wine, beer to my wings...okay I know you get the picture. He's my man.

This is Me, Bex

Twenty-something year old balance impaired dreamer, photographer, and DIYer. 

We are just two crazy young people who met online, closed a coffee shop on our first date and fell in-Love (no big deal). We created this blog in an effort to record all the happenings (big and small) in our lives. So this blog is a DIY, foodie, photography...okay A little bit of everything blog, just nerdy like us. But that's life. It's big, it's small, explosive, boring, sad, happy, horrifying, exciting, and nerdy. Life just is and this blog is our chance to write it down and share it with the world. So Please read, share, laugh  and tune in next time on OUR NERDY ADVENTURES!!


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