Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day Dreaming Thursdays

One of the ways I love spending my time is surfing through the design blogging world and pick up ideas from other people who are just like me...well maybe not just like me...I am a little corky. As it stands right now the Boyfriend, also referred to as C, has been away for 1.5 (feels like 3+) months for work and I have been left to my own creative devices at home. So as I walk around the house, I find myself day dreaming about..what else...KITCHENS!!! C and I spend a lot of time in our kitchen, it is the heart of our home and yet it's in bah! condition. C purchased the house we live in 2.5 years ago and I have just recently moved in. Now the challenge is making this beat up old house a home that both C and I love. We are slowly getting there...slowly but at least we started. I'll try to get some pictures up of what our current kitchen looks like but in the meantime...these are what I'm dreaming of...

 I love Canadian designer Sarah Richardson. I saw this kitchen in one of the episode of Sarah's House and instant LOVE! It's a farmhouse kitchen with such style!

I'm imagining a morning romantic breakfast with C.Mmmmmmmmmm
 Love at first truly does exist :)

Love you C. haha

pictures came from HGTV

Dear Home

Dear Home,

It's come to our attention that you are in need of some TLC. Therefore the boyfriend and I have taken it upon ourselves to help you out a little. We think that you are a beautiful house but we are ready to make you a home. We realize that your previous owners were not too kind to your needs and failed to love you the way you needed to be love. We hope that we in the next several years the boyfriend and I can earn your love and trust :) This is our promise to you and because it is written and sent into the infinity of the wide world web, you know that we mean what we say because we can't take it back.

So let the adventures begin....